How can Flickr help you find the best Creative Commons pictures?

Creative Commons pictures

It turns out that there are dozens of websites that offer royalty-free images and pictures that you can use on your own website, blog or even in PowerPoint presentations. However, Flickr is probably the best photo website where you can find pictures that come with a Creative Commons license.

Whenever Flickr members share their photos, they can choose the license associated with their work. Many of them turn their work into Creative Commons pictures. In other words, this is a type of picture that allows any user to download and use the picture for free. In case you use a photo like this, it is very likely that you will need to credit the author. There are also situations where you cannot edit and modify the picture or use it for commercial purposes. There is a special section on Flickr which explains the different versions of Creative Commons licenses.

Now let’s see how you can use Flickr to look for Creative Commons pictures. You can finish this task quicker and in a more convenient way if you are a registered member of this website. Remember that the basic membership is completely free.

The process starts when you open Flickr and use the Search hyperlink. This action will open the Search page of this website. In order to search for images, you will have to use a keyword or a keyword phrase. Once you are done, you should click the Advanced search hyperlink.

Obviously, this will activate the Advanced Search page on the website. The keyword you’ve used will still be there and you have to go down the page to locate the Creative Commons option. There are actually three different Creative Commons options. You can search only for Creative Commons pictures. There is an additional option that will provide even fewer results – you can search only for Creative Commons work that can be used for commercial purposes. Finally, you can expect even fewer results if you check the box that provides content that you can adapt, modify and build upon.

Once you do this, you should click on the search button and wait for the results. Make sure that they are CC-licensed before downloading and using them. Remember that there is an option to choose the size of the images. Once again, it would be nice to give credit to the person who shared the photo even if they are not asking.